About Caroline

Caroline was our bright-eyed and cheerful little girl.   The word that comes to mind when we think about her is "joyful".  She found delight in the smallest things in life and often exclaimed things like,"Isn't that WONDERFUL?".  We sometimes marveled at her sheer enthusiasm and zest for life.  It wasn't difficult for her to elicit smiles from family, friends, and even people we passed in a store; her lighthearted nature was contagious.

She cared deeply for others.  When Caroline was five, just before Christmas, she brought her piggy bank to us.  She told us she was going to donate all of her money to our church.  She wanted to make sure that every child had a present under the tree on Christmas morning.   Her compassionate spirit wasn't limited to gifts at Christmas time; she had always been aware of the needs of others.  Her teachers often told us that Caroline was the friend who wanted to "make sure everyone was ok."   She was an encourager, a helper.  She would offer a hug or hold a hand.  Her joy came from within, and she wanted to share it. When talking about our family, or herself, she would tell people,"We are not lucky.  We are blessed!"

She was exceptionally energetic and embraced new activities in the same exuberant manner that she approached life.  Swim team.  Girl Scouts. Gymnastics. Soccer.  For Caroline, trying something new was fun and being involved was exciting!  She wanted to do it all.  At home, we could usually find her coloring or drawing, and she often left her artwork with special notes around the house for us.  Other times, she was busy twirling, dancing, or singing.  From all of her drawing and twirling emerged Caroline's two true passions: art and dance.

Caroline was a blessing to us.  She danced through this life with enthusiasm and compassion. We want to continue Caroline's legacy by doing what was so important to her--helping other children. We have established the Caroline Previdi Foundation to share Caroline's giving and caring spirit and to offer other children an opportunity to find joy in an activity they love.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.